Eberron Fellows

First Session 9/26/09

An ordinary day in Sharn???

Session Report – 9/25/09

The adventurers consisted of:

Gor!—a Dwarven Barbarian
Gregory—Human Warlord
Illana—Human Rogue
Ironfur—Human Shaman
Rodarko—??? Paladin
Rokhan—Elf Druid

Our adventurers are employees of the Trans-Khorvaire Transport Co., Ltd., a company formed by House Orien to oversee the operation of the Lightning Rail system. They operate as a security and investigation team, responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes against the company or its properties, providing security (as in the case of important people or cargo that may be traveling by rail), and protection of the company’s workers, when they find themselves in hostile territories.

Our adventure begins with Beldonick d’Orien assembling the team. He spreads out a map which shows the Mournland (formerly part of Cyre prior to the Day of Mourning). He indicates that the company has struck a deal with House Lyander whereby Lyander will control the atmosphere as to allow Orien to complete a section of the Lightning Rail through the mournland. They have laid track from Vathirond to Karanz. Their mission: accompany the crew on the first “run” into the Mournland.


XP for the session: 333xp each

2 Warforged Warriors 350 xp 4 Warforged Anvilpriests 1400 xp Discovering the “right” path 250 xp Smashing the evidence of the vandalism: (we will overlook this)

Loot: From Warforged 2 mundane longswords 2 mundane medium wooden shields 4 warhammers 4 Holy symbols 6 sets of armor sized for large warforged (4 chain, 2 plate) From Hobgoblins 2 sets of hide armor 2 daggers 8 copper pieces 2 riding horses

First Session 9/26/09

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