It is YK 998

It has been 2 years since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold which ended the Last War…

Bitterness has begun to subside and things have slowly begun to normalize. The forges of war have ceased to produce the mechanisms of destruction and instead, the forges are utilized to turn out materials to rebuild Khorvaire. Although the Last War has ended, there are always whispers of the ‘Next War’. The peace brought on by the Treaty of Thronehold is extremely fragile now, even two years after the treaty was signed.

Our adventurers have emerged from the Last War to begin a new journey. They have taken employment with The Trans-Khorvaire Transport Company, Ltd., the entity responsible for operating the Lightning Rail system across the continent. They have been assigned to the Sharn sub-system and are responsible for security and investigation over rail activity between Sharn, Starilaskur, and Korranberg. They are responsible for the areas that border the Gnome land known as Zilago, from the home of the great library at Korranberg, to the major Rail station in Starilaskur in Brelish lands, and the Sharn terminal in the City of Towers.

During the 15 months since the last war, our adventurers have led relatively uneventful lives. There have been few problems affecting the rail service, aside from the occasional vandal or would-be train robber. That is all about to change…..

Eberron Fellows